TRS Interior’s Quality Control is fundamentally aimed at ensuring that the permanent works are constructed and handed over in accordance with the standards and requirements outlined in the Contract documents. Effective controls are implemented throughout the contract execution process, from review and planning to the completion of the works.

Maintaining documentary evidence of compliance with these controls is a priority, providing assurance to both the Main Contractor and Client/Consultants that the Quality Control standards are being rigorously adhered to.

TRS Interior’s Quality System focuses on:
  • Efforts by the management team in reviewing and planning the Contract and  issuing clear.
  • comprehensive work instructions, and objectively resolving feedback information to take corrective and preventive actions.
  • Ensuring personnel adhere to documented operations, procedures, method statements, and work instructions, while providing feedback information for ongoing refinement and adjustment of systems to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Recognizing that the commitment and direction provided by management, coupled with
  • the effort and cooperation of all employees, determine the effectiveness of the Quality System.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver products and services that meet the requirements of the project to the satisfaction of both the Main Contractor and Clients/Consultants.

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