About TRS

TRS interiors has been providing a world-class range of cutting edge Turnkey Solutions & Advanced Project Management Services, since 2010. We are driven by a passion for creativity. Each project reflects the brand at hand and encapsulates the culture and philosophy of each individual client, providing the highest quality and finishing. In a short span, we have grown to become a leading name in decor contracting, thanks to our reputation for unwavering quality.


TRS is a dynamic interior fit-out and turnkey solutions company based in Dubai,UAE. Established in 2010, TRS concentrated on landing small-scale projects and taking on unfinished jobs and transforming them in a short period of time into finished, successful projects .
TRS earned the trust of its clients by always achieving remarkable conceptual designs and flaw- less delivery quality. As a result, TRS established a name for itself and started landing bigger & prestigious projects .
TRS offers three different types of services, starting with Interior Turnkey Solution package, which includes design and build services. This package consists of concept design, mood board, general look and feel, authority approvals and execution . The second type of service is the fit -out contracts, where TRS is responsible for execution, we receive an intevrior design package from an assigned Design firm and coordinate accordingly. The third type of service is FF&E where TRS offers to assist in the procurement of Furniture,
Fixture, and Equipment.
TRS’s core value is the integrity of its people and the people it deals with. TRS is a people’s company at its core, and our team and clients are at the core of every operation and process. TRS will always put people first, from recruiting talents to choosing suppliers, to delivering commitments, and even qualifying clients and projects .
This core value is our key to success. The earth’s resources are limited, and TRS believes that it’s everybody’s duty to preserve them. Sustainability is also a core value of TRS, and it translates into every process and decision made in the company, and even reflects itself in the projects delivered.


Excellence, ours is a journey in pursuit of excellence, to seek new avenues to serve you better. Creativity, We are driven by a passion for creativity. We take pride in our team. Our high quality standards stem from their organized effort to excel. Armed with profound understanding of the unique challenges of luxury design within Dubai, we strive to meet them with the knowledge and skills of a multi-talented team of professionals.

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